Playing poker is one thing. Winning a game of poker is a completely different thing. The great divide between the two is not always filled by luck alone.

You can actually follow a poker strategy like many others to increase your odds of scoring a win. Whether it’s a small or a big win, it will definitely boost your spirits. Read on to know all about winning poker strategy.

Before You Begin

Before you use a poker strategy, we recommend that you decide a bankroll. This is the amount of money that you can afford to risk during one session.

Once you spend your bankroll, quit there and then. Do not resume playing believing that your moment is just about to come. Believe us when we say that millions of people lost everything while playing more than what they could possibly afford. So be careful; be wise.

Bluffing: Simple Poker Strategy with Big Returns

Here comes the ace poker strategy called bluffing or deception. On almost every poker table there is bluff master.

A bluff master raises their bet even if they have a weak hand. There comes a point when players with strong hands fold worrying that they might end up losing money.

If done right, bluffing can help you score a big win. However, since it involves risking more money, you may come across another player how is bluffing and lose a large sum of money in one go.

Slow-playing Poker Strategy: The Opposite of Bluffing

This one is the complete opposite of bluffing. While following this poker strategy, a player places small bets on a strong hand in an attempt to make other players believe that they have got a weak hand.

Some players raise their bets instead of folding. Doing so increases the payout. This technique is best used to trick experienced poker players.

Hand Reading Poker Strategy

This one is a classic. The hand reading poker strategy becomes exceptionally effective once a few games of poker have been played. The objective of this strategy is to “read the hands” of other players. Practically it means to find out if a player is bluffing or playing slow.

After observing the outcomes of a few games, you can almost accurately tell if a player is using any techniques to increase their odds of winning or not.

Aggressive Play Poker Strategy

We strongly recommend that you decide a bankroll before following this poker strategy. This one demands a large bankroll. You need to keep betting and raising in an attempt to win big whenever you win.

This is not a recommended poker strategy because on one hand it can get you a big win but on the other hand it can make you go broke.

Be Careful while using a Poker Strategy

While using a poker strategy, do not use it too much. Also if a strategy does not work out right, stop using it. There is no point of using a strategy and keep losing one game after the other.