There are many variations of poker available to poker lovers. While the most popular is arguably Texas Hold’em, those looking for new types of poker to play will be spoilt for choice.

One of the newer versions is known as four card poker. Four card poker is extremely similar to three card poker in both gameplay and rules, with the biggest difference being that one more card Is used.

Four card poker was first invented by Roger Snow, later on being marketed by Shufflemaster.

The Rules of Four Card Poker

Those familiar with three card poker will be able to pick the four card version up quickly. Those new to the game will find the game is quick and easy to learn, but, like any form of poker, can take a lot of practice to truly master.

To start a game of four card poker, two initial bets are made. These are known as the ante, and the ace’s up. Once the bets are made, each player at the table receives 5 playing cards, with the dealer receiving 6. Players that have made a bet on the ante then have the choice to either raise or fold.

Folding means forfeiting their bet and leaving the game, while players wanting to raise need to add more to the ante, with an amount that at least matches the current ante. Players raising then are required to choose 4 cards and keep them, while discarding the 5th.

The dealer will then turn over his cards, choosing the best 4 out of the 6. The players still in the game can then match the cards they have against the cards the dealer has turned over.

The player that has the closest set of matching cards or higher win the round. If the dealer’s hand is higher than that of the players, the dealer wins the game, and the players forfeit the ante. There is also a bonus pay table that players are able to win in special scenarios.

Four Card Poker Strategies

There are a number of strategies that players can use to improve their poker games. While many of these strategies are complex, many simple ones exist that new players can learn quickly.

The first is to raise 1x with a pair of twos or nines. Alternatively, the player can raise 3x with a pair of tens or higher.

If the player feels like their hand does not stand a good chance, it’s advised to fold as early as possible, as this means the player loses far less.

For more complex strategies, players need to learn the values of hands extremely well.

This is especially important when it comes to pairs, as pairs in a hand can quickly make or break a player’s chances at a good game. Being able to pick up a winning pair of cards quickly is key to improving a player’s four card poker strategy.